Best Coast Distillers is Bottling’s been a learning curve for us to not only create cool new products but also bottling, labelling and coordinate shipping our products to stores. But, that is the adventure we all decided to take, and we wouldn’t trade it for anything.


It likely sounds like a baby step to those distilleries already well into years of production cycles, bottling must seem fairly trivial by now. We have been learning that every process step has various efficiency, cost, and time savings options. Sometimes it feels to us like we are pioneering our way through it all.

Our initial round of product releases will be a series of flavoured young whisky products. We are setting whisky aside to age for future releases, however, to keep moving forward we are choosing to curate flavoured options today. Starting with our Cold Brew Coffee Whisky, and Cold Brew Coffee Whisky Sweetened with Cane Sugar

We partnered with our local Level Ground Coffee Roasters to create a custom roast of Andean and Columbian beans and finish it off with a hint of Madagascar Vanilla.  We are finding both versions are great over ice, in a Shaft or other Coffee based cocktails.

Watch for our products in Stores on Vancouver Island in June, or purchase products from our online store!



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