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Cold Brew Sweetened Coffee Whisky

Introducing our signature Cold Brew Coffee Whisky, a true testament to the best of island flavours and craftsmanship. Curated with pride from grains grown on the Saanich Peninsula, our whisky is a blend of local tradition and global infusion. We’ve partnered with our friends at Level Ground Coffee Roasters to source the finest Andean and Columbian beans, custom-roasted to perfection for an unforgettable blend of richness and depth.

But we don’t stop there. Infused with a hint of Madagascar Vanilla, our whisky achieves the perfect harmony of young whisky and robust coffee flavours. It’s a palette punch for your taste buds, offering a cane sugar-sweetened option that elevates every sip whether in a cocktail or straight up on ice.

Cheers to the perfect blend! because when it comes to Cold Brew Coffee Whisky, ordinary just won’t do.

33% ABV



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