Best Coast 'Mocha Cold Fashioned'

The old “Deal Closer…” 

The Mocha Cold Fashioned is one of our go-to drinks around here, so it was naturally easy to try our version with our Cold Brew Whisky.  The addition of Mocha was the creation of our friends at Atelier In Sidney


Best Coast Shaft

The ‘Shaft‘ is legendary on Vancouver Island as it originates from a local bar in the 90’s.  Developed by bar staff, knowing they get one free drink a night they created a drink that was smooth to drink, gave a “pick me up” and had a kick.  The Shaft was born!



Best Coast 'Manhattan'

Essentially, in a Manhattan, you’re taking the structure of the Old Fashioned from a spirit/sugar/bitter standpoint, but adding a bit more complexity with the sweet vermouth’s flavour and aromatic profile.

Simply put, there’s a reason the Manhattan has changed little since its creation, and why so many cocktails are modelled on its 2:1 spirit-to-vermouth ratio. It’s been proven time and time again to be an ideal structural balance of each component.


Best Coast 'Double Double'

The ‘Double-Double‘ is one of our founders, Cory,  fav’s!  Named after the order heard from Coast to Coast accross Canada daily. This is a very easy to drink cocktail.


Do you have a great Best Coast Cocktail Recipe for us? Send it over and we will post it for the world to try!