The Trifecta Blend serves as the exclusive proprietary foundation for all Best Coast Spirits, functioning as our primary base alcohol. This meticulously crafted blend combines Sorghum Cane, Blue Agave, and Local Grains, embodying the essence of our commitment to quality. We will adjust the ratio of each base ingredient as we curate new recipes.

Home Grown Sorghum Cane

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Within the Best Coast Distillers portfolio, we proudly incorporate three seasons of homegrown cane, meticulously distilled and aging in oak, destined for future releases and contributing to the blending process of various spirits. 

The entire lifecycle, from planting on our Distillery farm to harvesting, juicing, fermentation, and distillation, is seamlessly executed by the Best Coast team.

We are releasing a Canadian first ‘Agricole Rum‘, on a small batch basis this year.

Home Grown Blue Agave

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Our travels to Mexico have inspired us to grow Blue Agave on our farm.  There has been a lot of research and trial and error to find the best methods to develop, sustainably harvest, ferment and age Agave for our Trifecta blend, and we have figured it out.

The blue agave is a succulent plant indigenous to the barren regions of Mexico. The blue agave has a maturation period of about 8 to 12 years, and its cultivation calls for a great deal of attention to detail and persistence. When an agave plant has reached maturity, the piña, also known as the heart of the plant, is traditionally harvested and used to manufacture tequila.

Local Saanichton Farm Grains


Saanichton Farm is located on the Saanich Peninsula, just outside Victoria, BC. Four generations of the Rashleigh family have worked to produce corn, dairy cattle, hay, and grains on the Island. Their family has been farming in Saanichton since 1936, and on Vancouver Island since 1912.

Today Bryce and Jill Rashleigh, along with their family, produce grains including Hard Red Spring Wheat and Malting Barley. In addition to grain production, Saanichton Farm is one of the leading producers of haylage for animal feed on the south Island.