Old enough?

If are not of age in your region please come back when you are!


Seriously, please SHOW OFF! Show the world your coolest pictures from whatever you do to relax, have fun or just like being around the Coast.  We will choose a few submitted pictures every Best Coast label print run and give YOU the spotlight to SHOW OFF!

To be clear… BEST COAST does NOT mean just the West Coast of Canada.  Our philosophy is that the BEST COAST is simply the Best place you are that includes an ocean, sea or beach.  

Best Coast is a feeling, the heart-pumping thrill of getting off a plane in winter and running to the beach with your bathing suit half on to hit the water as fast as you can, and the place you dread leaving when it’s time to go. (Unless you live near an ocean like we do)

It’s about activity. Fishing, hiking, kayaking, surfing, swimming, BBQ’ing, socializing, and of course having a few responsible drinks to celebrate the day.

How does it work?

Simply add @bestcoastdistillers in your social accounts

Instagram, Facebook or X and use the hashtag #BESTCOASTSHOWOFF


If you prefer to email us your high-resolution photo, please email us at [email protected] and put SHOW OFF! in the subject line.

We will select a few images representing the product we are bottling, then let you know that YOU are about to be an official BEST COAST SHOW OFF!!

Of course, there will be some fine print here.  We need your consent to use your image for our labels, and marketing purposes once you are chosen for a label. We can take care of the permissions before approval.


Sample label

Whats in it for you?

What are you getting out of this other than complete bragging rights while SHOWING OFF your best pics? 

  1. Your picture will be placed in a large area of our bottle label reserved for SHOWING OFF the Coastal experience. 
  2. Your name and picture title will be on the Label for you to SHOW OFF to your friends and family!  We can also add your social account if you prefer.
  3. We will send you Best Coast SHOW OFF swag, an always-evolving surprise
  4. You become part of the Best Coast Distillers extended family!