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Our Coffee Whisky’s

Cold Brew Sweetened


Introducing our signature Cold Brew Coffee Whisky, a true testament to the best of island flavours and craftsmanship. Curated with pride from grains grown on the Saanich Peninsula, our whisky is a blend of local tradition and global infusion. We’ve partnered with our friends at Level Ground Coffee Roasters to source the finest Andean and Colombian beans, custom-roasted to perfection for an unforgettable blend of richness and depth.


But we don’t stop there. Infused with a hint of Madagascar Vanilla, our whisky achieves the perfect harmony of young whisky and robust coffee flavours. It’s a palette punch for your taste buds, offering a cane sugar-sweetened option that elevates every sip whether in a cocktail or straight up on ice.

Cheers to the perfect blend! because when it comes to Cold Brew Coffee Whisky, ordinary just won’t do.

33% ABV


Top Pick’s

Agricole Rum

$ 79

Best Coast Distillers Agricole Rum is made from fresh Sweet Sorghum Juice. We Grow, Harvest, Juice, Ferment, Distill and Bottle on our Vancouver Island Farm mere minutes from the Pacific Ocean. The resulting product is aged in Oak and is our Canadian twist on Rum made in the French Caribbean tradition.

The most popular Agricole Drink is the ‘Ti Punch’, Made with a simple trio of ingredients—a quick squeeze of lime juice, a splash of sugar syrup and a dram of Agricole Rum

*We have a limited supply as we also use our Sorghum Cane for our Base alcohol, Trifecta Blend on many of our products

ABV 35%


Check how Agricole Rum is made

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WildFire Whisky

WildFire Whisky isn’t just a beverage; it’s a tribute to resilience and the power of community. This youthful Whisky bursts with the fiery zest of Mexican cinnamon and the velvety sweetness of Madagascar vanilla.

Each sip sends you on a journey through a forest of flavours, where every note narrates a tale of fortitude and solidarity. At Best Coast, we’re more than just distillers; we advocate for our communities.

That’s why we’re committing a portion of our sales to charities aiding the brave firefighters battling the wildfires in Western Canada. With every bottle, you’re not just lifting spirits; you’re actively making a difference in the lives of those who courageously protect their communities.

Here’s to a Whisky that warms the heart as much as it delights the palate, and to the heroes who selflessly put it all on the line for us.

33% alc./vol



Try our Coffee Whisky

Cold Brew Coffee Whisky

Our Coffee Whisky is proudly made with Vancouver Island-grown sea air-kissed Grains, blended with a custom roast from our local Level Ground Coffee Roasters, and infused with a touch of Vanilla.

This full Coffee and a young Whisky punch to the pallet is enough to perk you up when needed!

33% ABV.